Monday, September 10, 2012

Love For Woman

If you want to scar a woman
for the rest of her life,
if you want to seat yourself
upon a throne of lies
that you yourself constructed,
if you want to tell yourself
that you are more than some
frightened, delusional boy
and this woman is somehow
more, some sort of faerie-thing
that you have bound to flesh,

make her your muse.

If you truly love her,
you would do better
to stab her with a knife
even better,

keep her smile and her tears
many miles from the page.

She Is my All

I write ‘she’ instead of me. Instead of I. I find it easier to say, she wants to die. I find it easier to express how badly I’m hurt through someone else’s life that seems has some worth. See if I tell you that she’s beautiful, that’s the image you’ll be forced to see. But if I say I’m beautiful you’ll be stuck envisioning me. So I share my stories through a girl i’ve never seen.

 A girl that in many ways I have never been. I’ve described myself with a smile that I have never gleamed. With a purpose, with a wit, with morality, with a substance more anything, than I have ever dreamed. So I do write myself as me hypothetically except she - is honest. Is pure. She’s not sure of everything but she makes the best out of a bad situation. She is curious. Passionate. Intriguing. Delicate. She is mixed up, but very simplistic which she feels very few people will ever discover. She is more than her exterior.  She is misunderstood, sometimes genius, loving, but scared so she keeps her distance. For instance. Her first love lived approximately twenty-two hundred and six miles away. For millions of people they would be physically and emotionally starved, but in fact. She was most comfortable like that. She wants to be held but doesn’t want to ask.

She wants to act on how she feels without moving too fast. She wants to please everyone, but she can’t so herself. So she puts on a mask and pretends to be strong, tries to blend in to seem like she belongs. But the truth of it all is that she will never blend in, she will never follow the pack, she will never be happy like that. She isn’t hopeless, but she’s still a stupid little girl sometimes who demands respect she shouldn’t get. She just requires something genuine because she has a void to fill. See, she can admit that, but I never will.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Unwritten Truth of Marriage Life

Marriage is one of the most graceful moments in one’s life but there are some people who were cursed with marriage life. This is because the expectation of people never gets satisfied after marriage. It is quite natural that all possess some expectation about their life partner. Obviously no one can restrict these thoughts as they are natural thoughts of a person. Only solution to handle marriage life safely is to know about the life partner well before marriage. A marriage record search background check on people is one of the best and easiest sources to retrieve all the information about your partner.

Get the Marriage records

Marriage record search is nothing but a source where the data of many individuals will be gathered for instant retrieval. There are many online sites which greatly assist his record search. People who are supposed to prefer marriage can refer these sites and retrieve the data about their life partner instantly. This search can be used to check whether your life partner is divorce free and you can also refer to their marital status. This will help in possessing a risk free marriage life. Some important need for matrimonial verification is as follows.
There are many culprits in society who possess affairs before marriage. This is considered as the main reason which leads to divorce. Only solution to overcome this problem is to track the background of your spouse. This will completely reveal details of your spouse if they possess any affairs. Thus, you can possess a better awareness to safe guard your marriage life.
It is highly necessary to ensure whether your spouse is divorce free because if they are not divorce free, your marriage will be considered as illegal. Hence if your spouse is marrying you the second time you need to verify their divorce certificate.
This record search not only retrieves marital data but also the criminal records like arrest records. You can verify whether your spouse holds any legal criminal records. Criminal record search will provide you the entire details if your spouse possesses any such criminal cases. This will help in knowing the recognition of your spouse in the society.
To retrieve all these data the only effort you need to prefer is, hiring an effective background check services. There are some free sites which can be used for instant retrieval of data. If you are in need of more data paid sites will be a better choice.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Small Poem By My Friend

I Will Share All My Thoughts,
& Feelings With You

I Promise You That
I Will Understand Everything That You Do

I Promise You That
I Will Be Completely Honest With You

I Promise You That
I Will Laugh & Cry With You

I Promise You That
I Will Share My Life With You

But -
Most Important Of All
I Promise You That
<3I Will Love You Forever....♥

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Valentines Day is coming

Valentines Day is coming. No cheating, put this as your status and see what people comment
1. Second Chance 2. Your cute ^.^
3. Kiss [:*]
4. Better friendship ( :
... 5. Chill [^_^]
6. Cuddle [:3]
7. Long term relationship [♥]
8. an apology [:/]
9. a hug ^_____^
... 10.I like you [♥]
11. I dislike you.
12. I'm crushing on you $: [♥]
13. I love you [:]] [♥]
14. Will you be my Valentine ? [♥] [;)]
Do let me know watever it is?! [:)] :)­ ­

True love

A poor boy loved a rich girl.
One day the boy proposed her.
Then the girl said, "listen! your
monthly salary is my daily hand
expenses. Should I be involved
with you? How could you thought
that? I will never love you. So,
forget me 'n get engaged with
someone else of your level."
But somehow the boy could not
forget her so easily.

10 years later.

One day they became face to face
in a shopping center. The lady
said, "Hey! you! How are you?
Now I'm married. Do you know
how much is my husband's
salary? Rs. 2 lac per month! Can
you imagine? 'n he is also very

The guy's eyes got wet with tear
by hearing those words.
After few minutes her husband
came before the lady could say
something to the guy, her
husband started to say by seeing
the guy.

"Sir! You here? Meet my wife."
Then he said to her wife, "I'm
going to assist a project of sir,
which is of Rs. 200 crore. 'n do u
know a fact? Sir loved a girl but he
didn't get her. That's why still he
is unmarried. How much lucky the
girl was. Isn't it? Now a days who
can love like that way?"

Moral: Life is not so short. So,
don't be so proud of yourself and
damn others. ..
Situations change with time. Every
one should respect other's love.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jaguar Mining Explores

The appetite for gold resources continues to realize momentum in 2012. Gold investors are going to be at home with reading concerning sturdy demand for gold resources by variety of Chinese state-owned gold manufacturing firms. Last week, Chalice Gold (TSX:CXN,ASX:CHN) agreed in principal to a proposal totaling the maximum amount as $100-million for its sixty p.c interest within the Zara gold project in Eritrea. In November, Shandong Gold cluster Co. (SHA:600547) launched an unsolicited supply for Jaguar Mining Inc. (TSX:JAG,NYSE:JAG) valued at $785 million.Jaguar Mining said on Wednesday it's signed confidentiality agreements with many interested parties because the company participating in a very strategic review method to explore different merger opportunities. The committee guiding the company’s strategic review are going to be led by Gil Clausen and embody the gold mining business experience of Gary German and John Andrews. an additional news unharness from Jaguar announced the appointment of RogĂ©rio Fernandes as Chief Operating Officer, following the retirement of LĂșcio Cardoso at the top of January.Street consensus lacks visibilityFirst Asset Investment Management Inc senior portfolio manager John Stephenson said in December following on news of the terribly sudden departure of the Chief government Officer that it absolutely was probably the reported Chinese bid would achieve success. Institutional Equity analysis Analyst at Cormark Securities Richard grey offered that “the board of administrators could notice a pleasant, easy, money supply the higher thanks to go” in a very note to shoppers in November. The market has responded absolutely to the foremost recent news because the share costs have appreciated four.8 p.c since the announcement.Weather conditions difficultFabiana Weycamp, meteorologist with Brazil’s Climatempo weather-forecasting service recently mentioned with the Wall Street Journal the excessive precipitation within the state of Minas Gerais. Jaguar’s gold operations are located within the Iron Quadrangle region, close to town of Belo Horizonte within the state of Minas Gerais. Since October the region has experienced a “South Atlantic convergence zone, that has led to the presence within the region of a significant cloud layer leading to persistent rains. whereas this is often a standard phenomenon for the Brazilian summer, this year the convergence zone’s impact was heightened by the presence of colder than usual waters off the coast of Espirito Santo and Rio de Janeiro states.” though there has not been any revision on production steering from Jaguar, different mining interests have announced issues. With Belo Horizonte town receiving over twice the monthly average rainfall in December, a Vale SA (NYSE:VAL) press officer said that not solely iron-ore production however additionally transport had been suffering from the rains.Safe haven standing returning for goldMatt Grossman, Chief Equity Market Strategist at Adam Mesh Trading cluster says gold has came to cover standing as Europe languishes. With a bullish outlook on gold, he says it'll break the $2,000 per troy ounce vary, “When things aggravate in Europe gold tends to maneuver higher. within the finish of 2011 what we tend to saw was funds taking profits, and additionally there was a want to lift money attributable to the tight credit state of affairs in Europe. currently we tend to are extremely reverting back to the trade that we've got seen for an extended time. When folks are scared they wish to place their cash in gold.”

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