Monday, October 10, 2011

Shah Rukh loves gold, especially when his children earn it

It was a tough competition. Both his children were vying for a gold medal in a Taekwondo competition and Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan was a "nervous wreck" - till they won.

A sports enthusiast himself, both the superstar's children Aryan and Suhana are avid practitioners of the Korean martial art form.

"Yippee. Both the son and daughter won gold medals at Taekwondo championships. Suhana was all grit. Aryan all technique. I was a nervous wreck... love gold especially when the kids earn it," Shah Rukh posted on his Twitter account on Feb 7.

Shah Rukh was conferred a honorary blackbelt in Taekwondo by the Korean Government in October last year.
Indo-Asian News சர்வீஸ்

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Real value of Gold

Gold is a unique word which invokes sheer ecstasy among women.Its a symbol of protection form her parents,a token of love from her better half and a sacredly auspicious thing to her Gods.Right from the invention of fire to the discovery of wheel it has contributed to the burgeoning of gold.

Since from the olden days man has craved for this yellow metal.He moves from place to place in search of this glitter.It has made him to invade continents and sieve the dirtiest drainage inorder to find a gram of it.He has transformed it into alluring shapes and sizes.This exquisite piece of jewelry is worn by all aged people.Immediately after a baby 's birth he is adorned with jewels.A young girl thinks it as a fashion statement.An elderly lady gets an edge among other societal ladies with this naive metal.Gold has seduced the young and the old equally.

It is inert.Its inherent qualities makes it non reactive to all other metals.Similar to a sage it undergoes trials and turmoils in the hands of its adept workman to transform into an exorbitant and stunning thing of beauty.Likewise the sage is transfigured to a saintly figure radiating golden energy.
The surging gold prices is a testimony to the value of gold in everybody's heart. Whatever it may be gold will continue to rule the hearts of the people,making all the cells in their body to dance with everlasting effervescence!!!!!!

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Style statement in Platinum - Makeityourring diamond engagement rings

Today, men are much more aware about the way they look. And its true for the jewellery they wear too. Read on as we find out why more and more men are drawn to the understated elegance and simplicity of the rare metal, Platinum.

Body :

Be it a classy wristwatch or a near looking smartphone, the contemporary man all to well about his style quotient. And this includes his choice of jewellery . No surprise then that he prefers platinum to complement his look .

Thirty times more rare than gold , platinum is one of the most precious metal on the earth . More durable than the other metals, it is great for everyday wear. Also ,both a black shirt and even a crisp white kurta. Every piece of platinum jewellery is elegant, understated and classy – a mirror of the modern man’s Personality.

Style through the ages :

Truly rare, platinum has always been the preferred choice the most discerning of men, when it came to there jewellery . From the Price Edward VIII to paul McCartney and Tom Cruise, all have adorned this precious metal. And this fascination continues down to the modern man, Making the white metal a coveted choice for the truly stylish .

Eternal and Pure :

Every Piece of Platinum jewellery is at least 95% pure. Stamped pt 950, every piece comes with a Tamper Proof Quality assurance Card. So, you can rest assured about the metals authenticity . Being a denser and heavier metal , Platinum is a mere displacement and no real volume is lost. Also , Platinum does not wear with time. Hence, it’s an eternal symbol of style.

A Modern Choice for the Modern Man :

Naturally white, Platinum is a Perfect fit for the modern man’s wardrobe. Be it cufflinks for an evening out on the town or a bracelet for everyday style , Precious Platinum is ideal for everyday style, Precious Platinum is ideal for every occasion.

The most precious of precious metals, platinum can even be crafted into every kind of jewelries. it's potential to get platinum bracelets, watches and earrings. This makes it pretty simple to match jewellery or obtain similar items when searching. Of course, it’s not necessary to match perfectly. If an individual prefers to, they will go along with a group. If they rather not, finding and sporting platinum jewellery that maybe has a similar texture or vogue is an possibility and extremely trendy.

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Sunday, July 31, 2011

A perfect gift .

What is precious? It is not difficult to answer this question. But it directly implies your exact mental set-up. And make people around you to remain perplexed as they are waiting there for your result. If this question is pointed at me, I would definitely say,Mother’s Loveà Good Companion (Friends)à Lady Love-à Your Baby (Endorsement for your love life)

Oh God! The entire life cycle ends here. Yes, absolutely this is PRECIOUS since the aforementioned every phase exactly crosses PURITY and none other than.
Do you agree? No one will fail to agree, I HOPE! So what you will bestow or gift them. It is evident that they are absolutely outstanding relations. Simple gift would also make them happy but valuable persons need something much more.
So here is an idea, match those ‘GEMS’ with DIAMOND, GOLD, and PLATINUM Jewels.

Gift Your MOM with Bangles and Earrings by saying, “You were the first person to ‘hold’ and made me warmth so wear this Bangles and perhaps you were very first excited to ‘hear’ my voice so take this earring”.
She will be the proud mother at the moment not for your precious gifts but for having a PRECIOUS SON.

Friends are of course very vital, just present them with a gold coin. It directly signifies, though the coin has two sides but has one structure. It shows we are different by characteristics but we are unified by the single soul ‘FRIENDSHIP’
Your Lady Love is equally precious so gift them with ornaments as you wish. But the engagement ring with platinum made diamond mounted stones with your additional quote,”Oh! Dear these precious metals are blessed by your virtue”. Would make her to fly-high…

Don’t ask what I shall gift for my Baby. Since she is carved out from the precious source, yes “YOUR LOVE”

Content by Vishnu Priya

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Beautiful Jewel For Your Love One

Diamond Stud Earrings Screw Back

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Diamond Wedding Band

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Failed Marriage Proposal

Life is this .Never knows what happens .I love all the three guys who proposed. You see , you really need guts to do that .

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

What does a Ring means for a Woman ?

There is many proposal I seen in the world , through internet, TV,and in real life .
and in all the proposal I seen only one thing that they give to their girl. And Guss what, Yes that the small tiny ,beautiful Ring (Wedding Ring) that they give to their Girl.

But I often thing why does this small little Ring make this difference,Why do we have to pay this high for this small thing, why cant we give teddy ,or a heart shape stone ect ...........

Well by investigating, and approaching many elders and I came to an answer.

1) A Wedding Ring means the beauty , and in this world there in NO other BEAUTY than the beauty of his girl friend

2) Wedding Ring means Precious "And in this world his girl means so precious to Him that nothing else can take his girl from him. What ever the price it cost

3) Wedding Ring Rarest "His girl is one of the rarest and NO ONE can take her place"

4) Wedding Ring Means shine, In Man life shine of a girl can make lots of difference , And it also said "Behind Every Successful Man There Is A Woman"

5)Wedding Ring Means Purest " He shows that the HIS love is so purest

6)Wedding Ring Means Ornament,you need to keep it safe - For a Man his girl is the ornament and he says indirectly " I will keep you safe and strong and shelter from your enemies

Last but not least Wedding Ring Means Recognizable Symbol of Love

This is according to me Tinil. If you have any thing else to say you can comment.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Makeityour Ring Diamond Engagement Rings

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