Sunday, July 31, 2011

A perfect gift .

What is precious? It is not difficult to answer this question. But it directly implies your exact mental set-up. And make people around you to remain perplexed as they are waiting there for your result. If this question is pointed at me, I would definitely say,Mother’s Loveà Good Companion (Friends)à Lady Love-à Your Baby (Endorsement for your love life)

Oh God! The entire life cycle ends here. Yes, absolutely this is PRECIOUS since the aforementioned every phase exactly crosses PURITY and none other than.
Do you agree? No one will fail to agree, I HOPE! So what you will bestow or gift them. It is evident that they are absolutely outstanding relations. Simple gift would also make them happy but valuable persons need something much more.
So here is an idea, match those ‘GEMS’ with DIAMOND, GOLD, and PLATINUM Jewels.

Gift Your MOM with Bangles and Earrings by saying, “You were the first person to ‘hold’ and made me warmth so wear this Bangles and perhaps you were very first excited to ‘hear’ my voice so take this earring”.
She will be the proud mother at the moment not for your precious gifts but for having a PRECIOUS SON.

Friends are of course very vital, just present them with a gold coin. It directly signifies, though the coin has two sides but has one structure. It shows we are different by characteristics but we are unified by the single soul ‘FRIENDSHIP’
Your Lady Love is equally precious so gift them with ornaments as you wish. But the engagement ring with platinum made diamond mounted stones with your additional quote,”Oh! Dear these precious metals are blessed by your virtue”. Would make her to fly-high…

Don’t ask what I shall gift for my Baby. Since she is carved out from the precious source, yes “YOUR LOVE”

Content by Vishnu Priya

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