Thursday, July 14, 2011

What does a Ring means for a Woman ?

There is many proposal I seen in the world , through internet, TV,and in real life .
and in all the proposal I seen only one thing that they give to their girl. And Guss what, Yes that the small tiny ,beautiful Ring (Wedding Ring) that they give to their Girl.

But I often thing why does this small little Ring make this difference,Why do we have to pay this high for this small thing, why cant we give teddy ,or a heart shape stone ect ...........

Well by investigating, and approaching many elders and I came to an answer.

1) A Wedding Ring means the beauty , and in this world there in NO other BEAUTY than the beauty of his girl friend

2) Wedding Ring means Precious "And in this world his girl means so precious to Him that nothing else can take his girl from him. What ever the price it cost

3) Wedding Ring Rarest "His girl is one of the rarest and NO ONE can take her place"

4) Wedding Ring Means shine, In Man life shine of a girl can make lots of difference , And it also said "Behind Every Successful Man There Is A Woman"

5)Wedding Ring Means Purest " He shows that the HIS love is so purest

6)Wedding Ring Means Ornament,you need to keep it safe - For a Man his girl is the ornament and he says indirectly " I will keep you safe and strong and shelter from your enemies

Last but not least Wedding Ring Means Recognizable Symbol of Love

This is according to me Tinil. If you have any thing else to say you can comment.

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