Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Style statement in Platinum - Makeityourring diamond engagement rings

Today, men are much more aware about the way they look. And its true for the jewellery they wear too. Read on as we find out why more and more men are drawn to the understated elegance and simplicity of the rare metal, Platinum.

Body :

Be it a classy wristwatch or a near looking smartphone, the contemporary man all to well about his style quotient. And this includes his choice of jewellery . No surprise then that he prefers platinum to complement his look .

Thirty times more rare than gold , platinum is one of the most precious metal on the earth . More durable than the other metals, it is great for everyday wear. Also ,both a black shirt and even a crisp white kurta. Every piece of platinum jewellery is elegant, understated and classy – a mirror of the modern man’s Personality.

Style through the ages :

Truly rare, platinum has always been the preferred choice the most discerning of men, when it came to there jewellery . From the Price Edward VIII to paul McCartney and Tom Cruise, all have adorned this precious metal. And this fascination continues down to the modern man, Making the white metal a coveted choice for the truly stylish .

Eternal and Pure :

Every Piece of Platinum jewellery is at least 95% pure. Stamped pt 950, every piece comes with a Tamper Proof Quality assurance Card. So, you can rest assured about the metals authenticity . Being a denser and heavier metal , Platinum is a mere displacement and no real volume is lost. Also , Platinum does not wear with time. Hence, it’s an eternal symbol of style.

A Modern Choice for the Modern Man :

Naturally white, Platinum is a Perfect fit for the modern man’s wardrobe. Be it cufflinks for an evening out on the town or a bracelet for everyday style , Precious Platinum is ideal for everyday style, Precious Platinum is ideal for every occasion.

The most precious of precious metals, platinum can even be crafted into every kind of jewelries. it's potential to get platinum bracelets, watches and earrings. This makes it pretty simple to match jewellery or obtain similar items when searching. Of course, it’s not necessary to match perfectly. If an individual prefers to, they will go along with a group. If they rather not, finding and sporting platinum jewellery that maybe has a similar texture or vogue is an possibility and extremely trendy.

Makeityourring diamond engagement rings

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