Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Real value of Gold

Gold is a unique word which invokes sheer ecstasy among women.Its a symbol of protection form her parents,a token of love from her better half and a sacredly auspicious thing to her Gods.Right from the invention of fire to the discovery of wheel it has contributed to the burgeoning of gold.

Since from the olden days man has craved for this yellow metal.He moves from place to place in search of this glitter.It has made him to invade continents and sieve the dirtiest drainage inorder to find a gram of it.He has transformed it into alluring shapes and sizes.This exquisite piece of jewelry is worn by all aged people.Immediately after a baby 's birth he is adorned with jewels.A young girl thinks it as a fashion statement.An elderly lady gets an edge among other societal ladies with this naive metal.Gold has seduced the young and the old equally.

It is inert.Its inherent qualities makes it non reactive to all other metals.Similar to a sage it undergoes trials and turmoils in the hands of its adept workman to transform into an exorbitant and stunning thing of beauty.Likewise the sage is transfigured to a saintly figure radiating golden energy.
The surging gold prices is a testimony to the value of gold in everybody's heart. Whatever it may be gold will continue to rule the hearts of the people,making all the cells in their body to dance with everlasting effervescence!!!!!!

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